New Life, New Beginning


We are buying our building

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Step 1 - Initial Payment

Paying the first half of the building’s cost due February 14th, 2022.

In progress
In progress

Step 2 - Final Payment

Paying the second and final part of the building’s cost due February 14th, 2023.

In progress
In progress

Step 3 - Gathering Place

Physicially building the main room that can be used for worship, prayer, and Sunday gatherings.

In progress
In progress

Step 4 - Expansion

Through this place, God can use our church to satisfy our community’s deepest needs. The final step consists of completing the construction of all other parts of the building (offices, classrooms, yard, apartments, café).

Our Story

New Life Church in Verbania is a community that loves God and loves people. Our goal is to authentically share the message and hope given by Jesus. Our commitment is to bring new life through the power of the gospel.

The church started in 1999 and has been present in the city for over twenty years growing and organizing numerous activities and services in order to give life to the church body and bring light to the city! Around 90 people gather every week to hear about the Bible, love Jesus, and serve each other faithfully.

From the beginning the church of Verbania dreamed of having its own place to gather but the right conditions never arose. With the arrival of the pandemic we found ourselves, like all churches, taken aback, but above all without a place to meet. As a result of these difficulties we discovered a new way of being church. During the lockdown periods the church met online and recorded the meetings in order to reach all members of the community. We did not know it at the moment, but this was the means God used to allow us to reach many more people than we could have imagined! Despite the benefits of online meetings, the time apart has created an even greater awareness of the importance of spending time together as a church family and having a place to do that.

A new beginning

God has answered our need. After years of searching we have found a building suitable for us. This is our new beginning! A location for gathering, sharing, growing, a place that has the potential to become a Christian school for Italian children and teenagers, a home for refugees, a safe place for homeless people, and a welcoming facility for the youth around the city.

The Building

At the moment this building can fit 150 people on its main room for Sunday services but has the potential of holding over 500. It is composed of two floors, a yard, a main room, four apartments, a parking lot, and an underground ample room. These are the mesurements:

- 21500 ft² Yard
- 2600 ft² First floor
- 6100 ft² Basement
- 7000 ft² Terrace
- 3280 ft² Appartments


Our church has shown incredible generosity and passion in donating their time and resources to fund this project. We want to make you a part of it too!

Pray for us! If you wish to participate in what God is doing in our church, we ask your prayers so we can raise all funds necessary to complete our building! Pray that God will continue to bring His revival to Italy, and that many lives can be blessed by our ministry.

Donate! If you would like to financially contribute to this project, we are accepting donations. You can donate using the information at the end or by getting in touch with the contacts listed below.

Share! If you know anyone who would be happy to help or be involved share the project with them! Se conosci qualcuno che sarebbe felice di aiutare o essere coinvolto condividi il progetto con loro!

How to donate

To donate you can use 2 methods:

1. SEPA Payment (only for Europe)  –

INTESTATARIO: Associazione New Life
BANCA: Credit Agricole Italia
IBAN: IT 35X 06230 45220 0000 43409351

2. GoFundMe – 

Donate on GoFundMe

If you are in Italy the best method is to donate through a wire transfer as GoFundMe takes a commission.

Get in touch with us

Il Pastore

Donato di Lecce
Tel: (+39) 339 411 7540

Assistant Pastor

Daniele Di Lecce
Tel: (+39) 333 371 5648