New Life

New Beginning

A new beginning for the church in Verbania

New Life through

the power of the Gospel

We love God. We love people.

We make disciples of Jesus Christ.


As a church we believe that community is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. This is why we do our best to create connections between people who have a passion for Jesus. In our LifeGroups you will meet new people who love you and with whom you can share your experiences, your joys but also the most difficult moments. 

If you are interested in participating and getting to know us, write us an email or contact the Pastor.


Over the past few years, with the arrival of Codiv, we have begun to record our meetings and sermons in order to be able to reach our church even in periods limited by the various lockdowns. We still did not know but this was only the beginning of what God wanted to do. These sermons we uploaded have become a point of encouragement and teaching for far more people than we thought.

If you want to hear the latest sermons and stay updated on the church follow the facebook page and every Sunday you will find a new message ready to encourage you and give you the strength you were looking for. 

The Church

We are a community made up of people who love God and people. Our goal is to authentically and truly bring the Spirit, the message and the hope that JESUS, our Lord and Savior, has given to anyone who believes in Him.

Our commitment is to be able to understand and apply the teaching of Jesus in a coherent and current way so that it does not remain just a beautiful message and a good teaching, but becomes part of life and of the daily challenges that every believer faces.

Our presence in Verbania aims to be a resource for citizens, and for institutions to the extent that it is possible for us to be.

If you want to know us and know more about our church, contact us!

Our meetings


Our main meetings are:

– Domenica Mattina 10:00 : Life Celebraion(culto domenica) // Teatro Lo SpazioVB

– Mercoledì sera 8:15 : Riunione di preghiera // Teatro Lo SpazioVB

– Giovedì e Venerdi sera: Lifegroup // nelle varie case

– Saturday night: youth group

Get in touch with us

Il Pastore

Donato di Lecce
Tel: (+39) 339 411 7540